Automotive Preset Collection

Automotive Preset Collection

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The automotive collection is designed for those of you just starting out, or wanting to take your car editing to the next level! Over the past 5 years, Alex has worked with car manufacturers across the world on campaigns from Nissan, to Lamborghini and Bentley and has created these presets out of his love for automotive photography which he hopes to share with you.


.The collection includes:

- 63 presets which covers day, moody, urban, sunset and sunrise 

- A 'how to import the presets' video

-1 hour tutorial how I use my presets and how I work into the image further. 

 To keep in mind
- Only compatible with Lightroom desktop (not mobile).
- The presets do not include White Balance and Exposure. These need adjusting individually as every photo is different. Alex talks through in detail how to adjust these in his video provided with these packs.
- The RAW images provided by Alex are for personal use only and not for print or commercial use. The images are tracked and are easily found. We'd love to see your edits of the raws provided on instagram, please do feel free to share them there.
- Presets are xmp file type. LRtemplate is now available, please email for a different download link after you've purchased. 

What happens once I've purchased them?

  1. Once you have purchased a pack, you will receive 2 emails. The first will be an invoice receipt and the second will contain a link to your presets.

  2. Open the link on your computer ( not on your phone ) which will take you to where you can download the zip file. Double click the Zip which will turn into a folder.

  3. Inside the folder there will a PDF and a preset folder. Inside the PDF there is an explanation to all the links explaining how to install and access the videos.